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CASHINFINITY Retail Solution

CI-10/CI-100 Compact Cash Recycling System - Video

CASHINFINITY CI-10/CI-100 Compact Cash Recycling System
ci-10-ci-100Cash handling within the retail sector is costly and requires significant staff resources at all steps of the process. That’s why accuracy, efficiency and security are important. The retail sector is very diverse, and therefore a complete range of solutions is necessary to cater to the specific needs of each shop or chain store. ​

GLORY Retail Solution offers SMART cash management. It provides total secure closed cash handling, centralised control of cash inventory and optimization of all cash processes throughout a store. CASHINFINITY® is the most advantageous cash management system with remarkable flexibility and extensibility for retailers to fit any size of store, various business segments and each investment plan.


Currency Recycler


 With higher operational efficiencies and ease of use the RBG-100 is designed to meet the varying cash management needs of Financial Institutions. The innovative RBG-100 provides higher operational accuracy creating more time for tellers to focus on customer service and product sales.



Intelligent Cash Recycler – VIDEO

GLORY’s new RBG-300 iCR™ answers retail challenges by providing increased capacity for large deposits and transactions. Designed for back office cash settlement for retailers, till replenishment and easy end of day balancing. It utilizes intelligent bill tracking and internal auditing for optimum security.

The Largest Capacity of Recyclable Notes in the Industry Approximately 9,900 recyclable note capacity and a secure 4,500 note deposit only collection drawer provides for fewer change orders and armored pickups. Larger capacity designed to meet the high demands of cash rooms.

Treasury Management Recycler Processes cash drawers creating cash inventory. Communication directly to bank or armored courier to provide processing of cash drawers, provisional credit and till replenishment. Increased High Speed — Highest Speed in the Industry 10 notes per second deposit and withdraw means faster processing of deposits, withdraws and bill exchanges saving both time and money.

Internal Auto Verification Performs internal automatic verification to ensure balanced cash inventory.

Configurable Cassettes Configurable cassettes with auto load capability.


QuickChange Self Service Coin Deposit – VIDEOquick change

QC™ from Glory is a fully-automated, self-service coin deposit solution providing better opportunities to attract more customers.

With QC your customers can quickly and easily deposit their coin inventory without pre-sorting or waiting in a queue. Children can have fun converting their coin savings into active cash. By automating coin deposits, the need to deposit coins over the counter is reduced and thus helps queue waiting times, improving productivity, as well as customers’ branch or store experience. QC comes available with two coin management solutions, bin or bag, dependent upon the method which best supports local market conditions.

QC CoinCache™

The QC CoinCache dual bin collection system sets a new standard for design excellence and functionality. When one bin fills to capacity the second bin is automatically and seamlessly engaged. Available front or back access.
Each bin is strong, durable and easily moved with minimal effort.

Low maintenance bag capture with side access

With the QC Bag capture option, all processed coins are sorted and collected into individual coin denomination bags. Ideal for recycling in-store or within bank branches. The 12 coin bags allocate more capacity to higher volume coins to minimise staff intervention.

Safe and easy to use

QC can be used by anyone. It’s simple and intuitive. All options can be viewed from a large easy-to-read screen and scroll through functions using A and B buttons. QC can even be configured in two different languages. Coins are poured into the tray and automatically transported to the counting mechanism. At the end of the processing, a receipt is printed.​​​​