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In-Branch Terminals – Video

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Efficient and Personalized Approach to Branch Transformation Solutions

Financial institutions around the world are adjusting their strategies to meet the ever evolving needs of consumers. As a result, the form and function of the branch must evolve.

Changes in design, technology and format continue to shape the way we see financial services tomorrow, including:

  • Shift to a universal staffing model – augmented with assisted self-service
  • Development of multiple branch formats to suit specific market needs
  • Branch as the primary driver of customer experience and brand






Glory TellerInfinity™ - Video

Glory TellerInfinity™                                               Teller Assisted Service Solution

Tellerinfinity-newsTellerInfinity offers a unique combination of powerful features that transform the way traditional banking services are delivered in branch. A unique device that works across multiple internal banking networks, TellerInfinity performs all transactions that are often conducted by tellers, self-service machines, online and other self-service channels.

Glory worked with the world’s top financial institutions to develop TellerInfinity, using their feedback as a basis for the product’s innovative design features. In line with this feedback, the teller-counter experience is now in the customer’s control; meaning the customer chooses how tellers support their transaction.  Furthermore, TellerInfinity is able to perform complex transactions, such as mixed cheque and banknote deposits, exact change provision and “to-the-penny” bill payment to save customers and banks’ time and resources.






QuickChange Self Service Coin Deposit – VIDEOquick change

QC™ from Glory is a fully-automated, self-service coin deposit solution providing better opportunities to attract more customers.

With QC your customers can quickly and easily deposit their coin inventory without pre-sorting or waiting in a queue. Children can have fun converting their coin savings into active cash. By automating coin deposits, the need to deposit coins over the counter is reduced and thus helps queue waiting times, improving productivity, as well as customers’ branch or store experience. QC comes available with two coin management solutions, bin or bag, dependent upon the method which best supports local market conditions.

QC CoinCache™

The QC CoinCache dual bin collection system sets a new standard for design excellence and functionality. When one bin fills to capacity the second bin is automatically and seamlessly engaged. Available front or back access.
Each bin is strong, durable and easily moved with minimal effort.

Low maintenance bag capture with side access

With the QC Bag capture option, all processed coins are sorted and collected into individual coin denomination bags. Ideal for recycling in-store or within bank branches. The 12 coin bags allocate more capacity to higher volume coins to minimise staff intervention.

Safe and easy to use

QC can be used by anyone. It’s simple and intuitive. All options can be viewed from a large easy-to-read screen and scroll through functions using A and B buttons. QC can even be configured in two different languages. Coins are poured into the tray and automatically transported to the counting mechanism. At the end of the processing, a receipt is printed.​​​​







Deposit Automation – Video


Opteva 800 Series:The Flex Performance Advantage

The value of Flex Performance solutions is found in their distinct ability to fulfill robust deposit automation functions that today’s consumers and financial institutions demand. Its expanded cash capacity is up to five times greater than that of standard deposit automation technology, and it automatically tests note fitness and sorts notes by denomination, decreasing deposit pulls and minimizing required personnel effort. The Flex Performance terminals can easily evolve into full recycling ATMs as market requirements change.





Drive up Deposit Automation – Video


Opteva 750 Advanced Function ATM


  • Deliver the convenience of deposit automation in an advanced-function ATM designed to withstand harsh outdoor environments with the Opteva® 750 island unit.

Opteva® 750 Product Card