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Tabletop Currency Sorter – VIDEO

Glory’s UW-500 and UW-600
Pelican1sThe UW-500 and UW-600, Glory’s third generation of note sorters, improve cash processing efficiency by providing note sorting, batching, value counting, fitness checking, note facing and counterfeit detection in a compact, table-top designs.

They are equipped with a variety of features, such as a multi-stacker system that improves sorting & separating performance, a reject stacker system with two stackers, as well as a large-capacity hopper with a banknote function. These powerful sorters deliver outstanding performance at very reasonable prices. They are Glory’s latest answer to the need for smoother, more efficient continuous processing of large amounts of banknotes. They will streamline your work process & slash operational costs.

Desktop Currency Sorter – VIDEO

Glory USF-100/USF-V10
USF 100Glory’s multifunctional USF series Desktop Currency Sorters provide features that take currency counting to a more complete level–and in a convenient desktop design.


Two ample stackers and a separate reject pocket for unwanted notes in a heavy-duty, well-built sorter that will deliver years of continuous productivity. Five stacker patterns can be configured to perform any number of different processing modes.

Its efficient operational design enables a processing speed of up to 650 notes per minute with technologically advanced counterfeit detection. USF-100 features FIT/UNFIT detection sensors.

AMROTEC® X-1/X-1000 Currency Discriminator – VIDEO

AMROTEC® X-1/X-1000
x-1 amrotecAMROTEC® X-1 is the world’s most compact and affordable advanced Currency Discriminator with a dedicated Reject Pocket for unrecognized and suspect banknotes. Reject Pocket can also be used for separating one denomination from mixture, facing and orientation of banknotes. It is equipped with the most comprehensive, user-friendly functions necessary for tellers and retail cashiers in low to medium cash handling environment.

Our X-1 model is equipped with few innovative Smart user-interface for users, such as:

  1. Dual Users feature for two tellers or cash registers to be able to share one machine having own settings and share one printer to print individual reports;
  2. Each X-1 machine is pre-loaded with dual USD software and can be customized to be most restricted version software for bank teller’s environment or for a relax version software with higher recognition for retail cashiers;
  3. X-1 can also be customized to be included with all counting modes available or only those are needed for customers for simplicity. Such customization can be done by your sales representative or by a trained personal at customer’s location;

With an ergonomic design, color TFT Color display and user-friendly interface for users, the X-1 not only provides tellers trouble-free operation and an efficient working environment, but, also allows uninterrupted counting experience with dedicated reject pocket. X-1, further provides higher security standards against the latest counterfeiting attempts through multi-detection technology, while still maintaining a low false alarm level and an excellent acceptance rate of bill recognition using IR-array pattern sensor. X-1 is adopted with software to read New Gen $100 bill since it’s release.

Currency Counter

Glory GFB-800 Series (1)

The GFB-800 is a high quality banknote counter with Glory’s MCCD system to protect against counterfeits. All the MCCDs (Multiple Currency Counterfeit Detector) used in our banknote counters have been developed by Glory. Although many of these outstanding technologies lie deep inside our devices, where they are not readily visible, be assured that each GFB is supported by an abundance of advanced Glory technologies.

Cash Counters

CountEasy™ Scale
counteasyCountEasySupplied with our industry leading 5 year box-swap warranty service as standard. Since its launch in 2004, the CountEasy™ has established itself as the most reliable count by weight machine available today, and as the preferred choice of many leading retailers & banks.

  • Simple and easy to use straight from the box.
  • Preprogrammed automatic counting sequences for ease and speed.
  • Auto-add and scroll lets you count a full till drawer without touching a single key, in less than a minute.
  • Fully portable, operate with mains or battery.