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Backup/Disaster Planning and Recovery

Is your IT vendor helping your bottom line…or theirs?

Protecting Business Assets Against DisastersPreparation for a failure of computer systems is not a vague idea, without a concrete plan your business information is at risk. Considering that the loss of a computer system can quickly and drastically reduce business productivity, a productive time investment for a business leader is reviewing the disaster recovery plan.

A disaster recovery plan can be quickly developed by following three key steps;
1. Determine Necessary Levels of Protection
• How long can productivity continue without the system?
• How quickly can a replacement system be put in place?

2. Implement protection plan
• Obtaining and setting up replacement hardware and loading operating system
• Loading applications software and data restore

3. Monitor and test the protection systems
• Monitor backups daily to ensure that they are running correctly
• Run a restoration test at least monthly to verify backed up data
• Review the plan and simulate disaster at least annually

A few hours of careful planning up front will save countless hours of recovery time when a problem occurs, and protects the business.